Auto Ac Compressor For Honda N-BOX / Honda Brio / Honda Jazz

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  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Model NO: KPR-6341
  • Application: Honda Brio 2014
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • OEM NO.: A3851
  • Pulley parameters: 5PK/φ100MM
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    Automobile air conditioning compressor is the "heart" of automobile air conditioning system. When the car's air conditioning system is turned on, the compressor goes into action, compressing and driving the refrigerant through the sealed air conditioning system. The refrigerant absorbs the heat in the car through heat exchange in the evaporator, and spreads the heat to the outside of the car through the condenser, so as to reduce the temperature in the car and make it in a comfortable environment.

    Part Type: A/C Compressors
    Box Dimensions: 250*220*200MM
    Product weight: 5~6KG
    Delivery Time: 20-40 Days
    Warranty: Free 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

    Diagnose and detect ac problems

    The system of car air conditioner is an individual sealed circulatory system. It is related to the comfort of the ride, the economy and the safety of the car which is operate normally. To check the air conditioning system of the car.First, you must be familiar with it and understanding the air-conditioning system of the car, master its refrigeration principle, system configuration, structure, function, etc.; and be proficient in the interrelationship and the function of configuration; It is aware of the various possible or easy to produce Symptoms, it causes and troubleshooting methods of the failure.

    Inspecting and the testing of refrigeration compressors:
    The refrigeration compressor is the heart of the system of automobile air-conditioning. It is responsible for the compression and circulation of the system's refrigeration working fluid. Usually it should be check and test for compression efficiency and leakage.

    To test the compression efficiency of the compressor, without disassembling the system, it is necessary to connect a three-way pressure gauge set for testing.

    When there is a certain amount of refrigerant in the system, the engine accelerates. At this time, the pointer of the low-pressure gauge should obviously drop, and the high-pressure pressure will also rise significantly. The greater the throttle, the greater the drop of the pointer, indicating that the compressor is performing well; if it accelerates The low pressure meter pointer drops slowly and the drop rate is not large, indicating that the compression efficiency of the compressor is low; if the low pressure meter pointer basically does not reflect when accelerating, it means that the compressor has no compression efficiency at all.

    The most vulnerable part of the compressor to leak is the shaft seal (Oil seal). Since the compressor often rotates at high speed and the temperature of operating is high, the shaft seal is prone to leakage. When there are oil traces on the clutch coil and suction cup of the compressor, the shaft seal will leak definitely.

    The main reasons that easily cause compressor damage are:
    1. The air conditioner system is not clean, and particulate impurities are sucked in by the compressor;
    2. Excessive refrigerant or lubricating oil in the system causes damage to the compressor by "liquid hammer";
    3. The temperature of compressor operating is too high or the operating time is too long;
    4. The compressor is short of oil and is severely worn;
    5. The electromagnetic clutch of the compressor slips and the friction temperature is too high;
    6. The power configuration of the compressor is too small;
    7. The manufacturing quality of the compressor is defective.

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    Honda Brio 2014



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    Packaging &shippment

    Conventional carton packing or custom color box packing.

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    Factory pictures

    Assembly shop

    Assembly shop

    Machining workshop

    Machining workshop

    Mes the cockpit

    Mes the cockpit

    The consignee or consignor area

    The consignee or consignor area

    Our Service

    Customized service: We are able to meet the requirements of our customers, whether a small batch of multiple varieties, or a mass production of OEM customization.

    1. Assist customers to make system matching solutions.
    2. Provide technical support for products.
    3. Assist customers to deal with after-sales problems.

    Our Advantage

    1. We have been producing auto air conditioning compressors for more than 15 years.
    2. Accurate positioning of the installation position, reduce deviation, easy to assemble, installation in one step.
    3. The use of fine metal steel, a greater degree of rigidity, improve the service life.
    4. Sufficient pressure, smooth transportation, improve power.
    5. When driving at high speed, the input power is reduced and the engine load is reduced.
    6. Smooth operation, low noise, small vibration, small starting torque.
    7. 100% inspection before delivery.

    Project Cases

    AAPEX in America

    AAPEX in America


    Automechanika Shanghai 2019

    CIAAR Shanghai 2020-1

    CIAAR Shanghai 2020

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