KPR-8356 AC Compressor for Honda City 1.5L Fit OE 38800RSHE010

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  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Car Brand: Honda
  • Product Code: KPR-8356
  • OE Reference: 38800REJH011M2 SANDEN3416 38800RSHE010
  • Car Application: Honda Jazz 06-07' Honda City 1.5L Fit
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Pulley Groove Number: 5
  • Pulley Diameter: 112mm
  • Product Series: KPR
  • Engine Displacement: 1500cc
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    Compressor for Honda

    With more than 16 years’ expertise, KPRUI has a rich heritage in a/c compressors.
    If you want Honda city car ac compressor price, please contact us.
    What does an A/C compressor do?
    Much like a heart in a human body, the compressor circulates the system’s lifeblood, in this case the refrigerant, that is vital to the proper operation of the air conditioning (A/C) system. It moves the gas from the evaporator, compresses it, and delivers it at high pressure and high temperature to the condenser, where it is converted into a cooling gas that cools the air in the vehicle’s cabin. Because of this, you’ll want to fit a proven quality compressor, engineered to deliver faster time to comfort and better fuel economy and emissions
    Maintaining Your Honda city ac compressor
    Thankfully, maintenance of your A/C compressor is rather minimal and includes the following:
    1. Regularly use the compressor in order to keep all of the elements of the system properly lubricated.
    2. Charge your refrigerant to ensure the proper levels of pressure in the air conditioning system.
    3. Clean and tighten the drive belts as necessary.
    4. Perform electrical checks on the switches and sensors, as well as the EM clutch’s fuse, relay, and coil.

    Product parameters

    KPR-8356 (3)
    KPR-8356 (5)
    KPR-8356 (4)

    Packaging &shippment

    Conventional carton packing or custom color box packing.

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    baozhuang (3)
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    baozhuang (4)

    Produt video

    Factory pictures

    Assembly shop

    Assembly shop

    Machining workshop

    Machining workshop

    Mes the cockpit

    Mes the cockpit

    The consignee or consignor area

    The consignee or consignor area

    Our Service

    Customized service: We are able to meet the requirements of our customers, whether a small batch of multiple varieties, or a mass production of OEM customization.

    1. Assist customers to make system matching solutions.
    2. Provide technical support for products.
    3. Assist customers to deal with after-sales problems.

    Our Advantage

    1. We have been producing auto air conditioning compressors for more than 15 years.
    2. Accurate positioning of the installation position, reduce deviation, easy to assemble, installation in one step.
    3. The use of fine metal steel, a greater degree of rigidity, improve the service life.
    4. Sufficient pressure, smooth transportation, improve power.
    5. When driving at high speed, the input power is reduced and the engine load is reduced.
    6. Smooth operation, low noise, small vibration, small starting torque.
    7. 100% inspection before delivery.

    Project Cases

    AAPEX in America

    AAPEX in America


    Automechanika Shanghai 2019


    CIAAR Shanghai 2019

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