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The eagle spreads its wings and draws a new ambition for tomorrow; the golden bull is rushing to climb the higher peak of the future! With a history of endurement and development, we have come a long way; Following the change of circumstances, we look forward to composing a new chapter together!

On the afternoon of October 28, 2021, Changzhou KPRUI Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. grandly held the company’s 15th Anniversary Celebration of “Gathering Mind, Strategy and Strength to Win” and the 2022 Strategy and New Product Launch Conference at the Buckingham Jue Hotel. The company’s chairman Ma Bingxin, general manager Duan Hongwei, along with all managers, leaders at all levels, guests, national agents, and partners attended the event.

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A brand-new KPRUI promotional film kicked off the conference. The promotional film takes the “quality” of “Quality in Intelligence”, “Quality in Production”, “Quality in Quality Inspection” and “Quality in Marketing” as the core, demonstrating the persistence of KPRUI people on quality. The short 4-minute propaganda film deeply aroused the enthusiasm of every viewer.

After the broadcast of the promotional video, Ma Fangfang, the company’s assistant general manager of Comprehens brand announced the company strategy for 2022, Zhang Zuobao, assistant general manager of the Compreson brand released a new brand upgrade, and Mr. Cai

Shengyuan, the director of research and development technology of the Compreson brand released 2022. New product and marketing director Zhou Guanjun gave a detailed explanation of marketing services and support to customers.

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The show of four new product TM32 compressor, electric compressor, heat pump compressor, and parking air conditioner under spot light, aroused the interest of participating partners. Witnessed the ceremony of general Manager Mr Duan signed the target responsibility letter with managers of the manufacturing department, R&D department, quality department, financial department, and marketing department, which made all the participants full of confidence in KPRUI 2022.

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Commend advance workers and set model

After a short coffee break, the meeting entered the commendation session, and the company commended and rewarded outstanding performance partners. 16 partners including Lai Chuquan and Song Tonglin won 6 awards including the Best Achievement Award and the Best Strategic Cooperation Award for their hard work.
Later, outstanding partner representatives Song Tonglin and Mr. Lai Chuquan came to the stage to share their acceptance speeches, and called on the majority of partners make persistent efforts together with KPRUI to create a better future.

Looking back on the past, talking about friendship

In the second half of the meeting, General Manager Duan made a concluding speech at the press conference. General Manager Duan first reviewed the fifteen years of cooperation with the majority of partners and expressed sincere thanks to all partners. He hopes that the majority of partners can maintain a cooperative relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit with KPRUI, so as to realize mutual trust, strategy, responsibilities, and win-win.

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Audio-visual feast, enjoy the wine and talk

After the meeting was a complete success, the grand appreciation dinner kicked off with a classic inspiration. The chairman of the board of directors of China and Malaysia and General Manager Duan jointly cut the 15th anniversary birthday cake of KPRUI, which symbolizes the joy of growth, and brought the atmosphere of the dinner. Pushed to a climax. Afterwards, all the guests, partners, and KPRUI elites raised their wine glasses to celebrate the complete success of the 15th anniversary celebration.

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Post time: Oct-30-2021