CIAAR 2017【Exhibition Live】

In November 2017, the 15th Shanghai International Automotive Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Exhibition (CIAAR 2017) was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center successfully. As the annual gathering of the automotive air-conditioning industry, whatever the scale of exhibition or the number of buyers, they have peaked a historical high . The exhibition has a total of 416 industry-leading brands and domestic and foreign representative companiesat home and abroad in three days. At the same time, the exhibition attracts the United States, Canada ,Australia, Russia, South Korea ,Egypt and 10619 professional visitors from 44 countries and regions came to visit and purchase. Exhibits including three major product areas: automotive air-conditioning products, mobile refrigeration accessories and refrigerated transportation devices.


From 2010 to 2017, our company has participated in 7 consecutive Shanghai exhibitions, we has witnessed the rapid development of the automotive air-conditioning. Cars are an important transportation for people's lives. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people start to buy cars. However, the large-scale using of automobiles has brought about a series of problems such as energy consumption, resource shortage, and environmental pollution. These problems have prompted the major automobile companies to develop the variety of new pollution-free environmentally friendly vehicles. In order to content the needs of it, our company has developed electric compressors for new energy vehicles. Thenew energy vehicles of electric compressorscan be used in low-speed and high-speed electric vehicles to meet the needs of different users. The products have high reliability. , High efficiency, large cooling capacity, stable operation, low noise, etc., which can save energy by about 20% compared with similar products.

During the three days , there are many exhibitors to visit us. The rotary vane patent not only attracted the attention of many domestic automakers, but also many foreign guests were interested in it.Many interested customers requested to learn more about the details of product information ,and they want to negotiate in our factory. Through the exhibition, we have learned about the needs of the market, the level of development in the same industry, and our shortcomings. We will work harder to improve ourselves in the future, develop more new products to content the market requirements, and strive to develop the air conditioning in the field of automotive.

Post time: Jun-10-2021