KPRUI and KPRS donated anti-epidemic materials to Xi’an together

On January 3th, 2022, a van full with anti-epidemic materials and hanging the banner of “Fighting the epidemic together, helping and supporting Xi’an” drove out from the gate of Changzhou KPRUI Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., its destination is Xi’an where the epidemic situation is very serious recently.

The anti-epidemic materials on the car were donated by Changzhou KPRUI Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu KPRS New Energy Technology Co., Ltd together.

In recent years, the company has never forgotten its own social responsibility while making continuous breakthroughs in business development, and has actively devoted itself to public charitable activities such as donating to school, cleaning roads, and planting trees. The donation of anti-epidemic materials to Xi’an this time is the company’s practical actions to realize the principle ”benefiting from the society and giving back to the society”.

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Post time: Jan-07-2022