Market demand for automotive air-conditioning systems continues to grow

Judging from the development of automotive air-conditioning systems in recent years, the development direction is generally towards environmental protection, efficiency improvement, energy saving, material saving, weight reduction, volume compression, vibration and noise reduction, easy operation and maintenance, safety and reliability. At the same time, the development of automotive air conditioners always goes hand in hand with the development of the automotive industry. For example, the development of new air-conditioning systems in the future must adapt to the improvement of engine efficiency. The use of electrification, hybrid drives and other new components can reduce the air-conditioning or heating load and the thermal load of the vehicle compartment, and further reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioning or heating, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The rapid development of our automobile industry has also led to a substantial growth in the domestic automotive air-conditioning market demand. Although China automotive air-conditioning market has great potential, the severe international market competition makes the domestic auto AC industry still face huge challenges; in terms of products, the production of air-conditioning for trucks and some special vehicles is less, which cannot effectively meet the market demand; in terms of technology, the development trend of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection has also brought new challenges to the industry.

The development of new air conditioning systems in the future will bring many changes, such as improved engine efficiency, electrification, hybrid drive, and the use of new components that lead to changes in the characteristics of the air conditioning system.

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Post time: Mar-30-2022