Moon cakes send full blessings Mid-Autumn Festival

Under the influence of the international environment and the epidemic, KPRUI is still growing against the trend and the company’s business development continues to grow. All this destroys the unity and hard work of KPRUI employees. With their own efforts, they can set off a splendid day of KPRUI.

For a long time, KPRUI has taken "family culture" as the core concept of corporate culture. In order to make the majority of employees feel the warmth of the "big family" of KPRUI and thank all employees for their hard work and sweat for the development of the company. On the afternoon of September 11, 2021, as the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. The company sent Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes, edible oil, pumpkins and other holiday gifts to employees struggling in various positions, and extended the most sincere holiday greetings and blessings.

Visiting employees on major holidays and issuing holiday gifts is a fine tradition that the company has always adhered to for a long time. This not only demonstrates the company's care and concern for employees, but also reflects the company's humanistic management thinking of grateful to and benefiting employees. It is this kind of scientific management thought that has created the company's two-way gratitude, unity and cooperation, and a harmonious corporate culture, which guarantees the company's healthy and orderly development.

Here, KPRUI says to every employee and every friend who silently supports KPRUI: "You have worked hard! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!"

Post time: Sep-22-2021