Quite A Show! Kangpurui, Kangpuruisen Lantern Festival Party to ignite 2022!

“The new starting point is the first, and the new journey will not stop.” On February 14th, the Lantern Festival Party of Changzhou Kangpurui Automotive Air-Conditioner Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Kangpuruisen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held at the Sheraton Hotel in Wujin, Changzhou. Chairman Ma and General Manager Duan a ttended the banquet along with the staff of Kangpurui and Kangpuruisen.
Establish Advancement and Display Good Spirit
At the party, employees with outstanding performance in 2021 were commended. Among them, Zhang Panpan of the Planning and Material Control Department made a speech on behalf of outstanding employees, and General Manager Duan of the company made a concluding speech on the commendation session.
General Manager Duan encouraged all employees to devote with persistent effort, carry forward the corporate core values of “responsibility, striving, dedication, sharing, inheritance, and happiness”, take the market as the guide, innovation as the drive, production capacity as the starting point, quality as the core, and make every effort to promote the healthy development of the companies.
Make A Toast Together to Enjoy Such A Wonderful Audio-visual Feast
After the commendation ceremony, Chairman Ma raised his glass and sent festive blessings to all the guests and employees. At the dinner party, the employees of the company presented a wonderful audio-visual feast to the guests and colleagues.

The Lantern Festival Party not only further enhanced the team cohesion and everyone’s sense of belonging to the company, but also fully demonstrated the versatile and energetic appearance of the Kangpurui and Kangpuruisen people.

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Post time: Feb-15-2022