Understand the classic TM16 series products

Today we are going to get to know a product in the TM16 series-KPRS-617001001 (double A slot 24V).

TM16 (KPRS-617001001), a KPRS brand product with high refrigeration, high quality and high attention.

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TM16 (KPRS-617001001) is a two-way swash plate compressor with fixed displacement. It adopts 6-cylinder design, drives the swash plate through the main shaft, and pushes the piston to do reciprocating work in the cylinder to achieve the purpose of air intake, compression and exhaust. The displacement reaches 162cc.  

Why is TM16 (KPRS-617001001) a classic product?

① Stable performance and mature technology;

② Excellent quality and long service life;

③ Smooth operation, low vibration and low noise;

④ High cooling efficiency and low energy consumption.

With the above advantages, TM16 (KPRS-617001001) is widely used in trucks, construction vehicles, refrigerated trucks, cold chain logistics systems and other vehicles with high requirements for refrigeration.

Follow TM16 (KPRS-617001001)! Pay attention to the KPRS brand! Pay attention to all our quality products!


Post time: Nov-25-2021