Wujin district machinery and equipment industry chamber of commerce to visit the company to visit exchanges

On the afternoon of 30THJuly, 2021, YaoSang, Chairman, Jianping Jiang, vice Chairman of Wujin District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Huang Xiaoping Chairman of Wujin District Machinery Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, and entrepreneurs from Wujin District Machinery Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce together exchanged ideas and discussed on the topic of “Innovation Leading, Red Intelligent Manufacturing” at KPRUI
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Chairman Sang and others visited the company’s party building positions, machine shop, inspection room and assembly workshop successively. The company’s solid non-public party building work, intelligent information system and industry-leading equipment and facilities left a deep impression on the visitors.

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During the discussion session, the company’s chairmanBingxinMa, general managerHongweiDuan and all the company’s executives attended the seminar. ChairmanBingxinMa expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of leaders and entrepreneurs from the Wujin District Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Wujin District Machinery Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce. General Manager Assistant  ZuobaoZhang introduced the implementation and results of the company’s intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading work from multiple levels such as industrialization, technological transformation and informatization introduction to the guests, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with chamber of commerce entrepreneurs on the topic of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

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Chairman Huang Xiaoping and Chairman Sang Yao made important speeches successively. Chairman Sang highly affirmed the outstanding performance of the district machinery and equipment enterprises represented by Comprex in the intelligent manufacturing work, and encouraged the entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce to think deeply and learn from each other from multiple dimensions such as cost-controllable, controllable rhythm, and management improvement, so as to make the enterprise’s intelligent manufacturing work more detailed, refined and practical.

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Post time: Oct-15-2021