Newest Window Air Conditioning 12V 24V Ultrathin Model Truck Parking Air Conditioners

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The hotter summer, the most memorable is trucker. Truckers work hard on the road every day, they would be better for their life. Even if there are a variety of shading cooling artifact, When they waiting the goods in the parking sapce, they will get filar silk cool, let card friends get a cool and comfortable rest environment.

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Parking air conditioning,supportingtrucks, trucks, construction machinery. It can solve the problem of truck and construction machinery when the truck and crab to park in place. To use DC12V/24V/36V on-board battery power is supplyfor car air conditioning. Without equiping with generator equipment; The refrigeration system uses safe and environment-friendly refrigerantion is R134A, so that the parking air conditioner is a more energy-saving and environment-friendly electric drive air conditioner. Compared with traditional on-board air conditioners, parking air conditioners needn't to rely on vehicle engine power, which can save fuel and reduce environmental pollution.

According to the research and feedback of market, the installation of parking air conditioning has become a trend, not only save fuel and money, but also zero pollution and zero emissions. It is also a reduction in energy consumption. Parking air conditioning unit installed on the roof of the car, the compressor, heat exchanger and exit door integrated together, particularly high integration, overall beautiful, save installation space, is the most mature design.


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Parking air conditioner / Parking cooler / Roof top truck parking air conditioner

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Car, Truck, Bus, Rv, Boat

Box Dimensions

Design according to product specifications

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DC12V/ DC24V

Rated current


Rated power


Refrigerating capacity


Refrigeration Oil


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Maximum Window Size





Free 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Exterior Machine Size


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The importance of parking air conditioning:

1. It can meet the cooling needs of the driving roombasically;
2. Small noise, almost will not affect the rest of truckers;
3. Relatively, the cost of using engine is lower than turn on the air conditioning.

Top-mounted all-in-one machine features:

1. Never need to punch, without the damage of car body;
2. Hotter air rises and cooler air falls, relaxed and comfortable;
3. Without connection of pipe, refrigeration fastly.

Packaging &shippment

Neutral packaging and foam box

Hollysen  packing

Factory pictures

Assembly shop

Assembly shop

Machining workshop

Machining workshop

Mes the cockpit

Mes the cockpit

The consignee or consignor area

The consignee or consignor area

Our Service

Customized service: We are able to meet the requirements of our customers, whether a small batch of multiple varieties, or a mass production of OEM customization.

1. Assist customers to make system matching solutions.
2. Provide technical support for products.
3. Assist customers to deal with after-sales problems.

Our Advantage

1. We have been producing auto air conditioning compressors for more than 15 years.
2. Accurate positioning of the installation position, reduce deviation, easy to assemble, installation in one step.
3. The use of fine metal steel, a greater degree of rigidity, improve the service life.
4. Sufficient pressure, smooth transportation, improve power.
5. When driving at high speed, the input power is reduced and the engine load is reduced.
6. Smooth operation, low noise, small vibration, small starting torque.
7. 100% inspection before delivery.

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AAPEX in America


Automechanika Shanghai 2019

CIAAR Shanghai 2020-1

CIAAR Shanghai 2020

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