12v 24v Portable Universal Roof Top Mounted Truck Sleeper Electric Auto Parking Cooler Air Conditioners Conditioning

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In the hot summer, driving day and night, scorching heat, smart car electric inverter air conditioner can remotely control the temperature in the car, allowing you to remotely adjust the temperature in the car when you lie down, and enjoy the coolness in the heat. This kind of air conditioner is efficient and energy-saving, stable operation, low noise, and can quickly cool the car space so that bring you a good mood when driving and working. This portable air conditioner is suitable for large cars, trucks, buses, RVs, boats, engineering vehicles, etc. In hot weather, whether it is driving or not driving, it can cool the temperature in the car.

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Part Type

Parking air conditioner/Parking cooler/Roof top truck parking air conditioner


Car, Truck, Bus, Rv, Boat

Box Dimensions

Design according to product specifications

Product weight



DC12V/ DC24V

Setting temperature


Refrigerating capacity

2600W (300-3500W)


700W (400-900W)




Free 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

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Air Conditioner Feature

Features of top type all in one parking air conditioner window air cooler air conditioner for construction machinery vehicles.
1. Scroll compressor
Scroll type intelligent inverter compressor.
High efficiency and energy saving.
Smooth running and anti-bump.

2. High-power condenser
Built-in high-power condenser, fast heat dissipation, faster cooling effect, high efficiency and energy saving.
Let you enjoy the summer cool.

3. One-piece body
One-piece ultra-thin body design, no need to punch holes to install in the car sunroof position, only 15cm higher than the original car.

4. Low voltage protection
Intelligent main control board, with low voltage protection, to ensure that the car can start normally, and use it more at ease.

5. Fast cooling
Adopt scroll compressor, built-in high-power condenser, can cool quickly, and don't worry about high temperature in summer.

6. Remote control
The air conditioner has a control panel and a remote control, which can directly control the air conditioner, allowing you to control the temperature while lying down.

7. Accessories
DC inverter compressor, high and low pressure hose design, specially developed for trucks, anti-vibration and anti-bump.

8. Easy to install
Standard interior trim panel, sealing strip, power cord screws, fixing rod, simple installation.

Packaging &shippment

Neutral packaging and foam box

Hollysen  packing

Factory pictures

Assembly shop

Assembly shop

Machining workshop

Machining workshop

Mes the cockpit

Mes the cockpit

The consignee or consignor area

The consignee or consignor area

Our Service

Customized service: We are able to meet the requirements of our customers, whether a small batch of multiple varieties, or a mass production of OEM customization.

1. Assist customers to make system matching solutions.
2. Provide technical support for products.
3. Assist customers to deal with after-sales problems.

Our Advantage

1. We have been producing auto air conditioning compressors for more than 15 years.
2. Accurate positioning of the installation position, reduce deviation, easy to assemble, installation in one step.
3. The use of fine metal steel, a greater degree of rigidity, improve the service life.
4. Sufficient pressure, smooth transportation, improve power.
5. When driving at high speed, the input power is reduced and the engine load is reduced.
6. Smooth operation, low noise, small vibration, small starting torque.
7. 100% inspection before delivery.

Project Cases

AAPEX in America1

AAPEX in America

Automechanika Shanghai 20191

Automechanika Shanghai 2019

CIAAR Shanghai 2020

CIAAR Shanghai 2020

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