Long-lasting inheritance, KPRUI deliberately builds “family culture”

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. It penetrates into the operation and management activities of an enterprise. It is an inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of an enterprise and the soft power of an enterprise.

Therefore, KPRUI has always attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture, and adhere to the “family culture” as the core concept, governance of the enterprise, advocate employees on the KPRUI platform, active learning, dare to take responsibility, willing to contribute, always grateful, happy work, make a difference.

The highlight moments of KPRUI’s corporate culture practice in the first half of 2021

Red Flag Bearer in March (to commend female colleagues for outstanding performance in COVID-19 prevention and control)

2 (1)

April Care for the next generation mask distribution activity (the company distributed masks for free to relieve the pressure of shortage of masks for employees’ children at school)

2 (2)

April Public welfare outside the plant — Tree-planting activity (organize public tree-planting activity to improve the external environment of the plant)

2 (3)

May Labor Model commendation (May Day commendation for employees with outstanding performance in work)

2 (4)

In May, the Party branch studied the Government Work Report (all members of the Party branch studied the Premier’s Government Work Report)

2 (5)

June Fun Sports Meeting (regular organization of staff to carry out internal team building activities)

2 (6)

June Well-off Life speech in Niutang Town (selected key members to participate in the “Well-off Life around me” theme speech contest in Niutang Town)

2 (7)

July 1 review oath (organize party branch members, review the pledge to join the Party, celebrate the birthday of the Party)

2 (8)

July Staff Basketball Tournament (Big Dunk — KPRUI and Pussen Staff Basketball Tournament)

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In the first half of 2021, KPRUI enterprise culture construction achievements are outstanding, and won the niutang Town Federation of Trade Unions “outstanding Trade union group” honorary title.

Achievements and honors can only represent the past, in the future, we will keep in mind the executive vice President Zhang “five grasp at the same time” requirements, continue to promote the construction of corporate culture, hard to shape the “home culture”, so that the enterprise truly become everyone’s “home”.

Zhang always said:

 One is to grasp the improvement of understanding.  To promote the development of KPRUI, we should not only pay attention to the power of material, but also pay attention to the power of spirit. To grasp the enterprise culture is to grasp the productivity and the core competitiveness of the enterprise.  All management personnel should attach great importance to corporate culture and promote the construction of corporate culture.

 Second, we should focus on organizational construction.  The construction of enterprise culture must fully mobilize all aspects of strength, division of labor and cooperation.  KPRUI to form the leadership to take the lead, the competent department is responsible for the organization, relevant departments to coordinate the implementation, labor union and party branch with the organization and operation system.

 Third, we should improve the planning.  Carry on the top-level design to The company culture, formulate the implementation plan, establish a scientific and operable company culture construction system.

 Fourth, we will refine the plan and strengthen the guarantee.  According to the objectives and specific requirements of corporate culture construction, and in combination with the actual situation, formulate scientific implementation plans, and incorporate KPI indicators into the assessment, reward outstanding work performance, and strictly hold responsible for lagging work and failing to complete tasks.

 Fifth, do a good job of publicity and form innovation.  Whether the effect is good or not depends on the staff.  The practice activities of corporate culture should enhance the interest and enhance the sense of participation of employees. New media platforms such as small video and live broadcast should be used to create a good atmosphere. Centering on the core values of “family culture”, corporate stories should be well told to make various corporate culture time more dynamic.

Post time: Dec-31-2021